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Are you looking for a reliable USB supplier that can pre-load your presentation and conference notes onto the usbs?

Many people lose the information you supply at an event. With pre-loaded videos, catalogues and price lists, you can ensure that your information does not go astray.

USBs offer both value to the consumer and the distributor and as with most electrical products they are becoming cheaper over time and therefore more affordable to more and more people. This value and affordability places them near the top, if not at the top of the promotional gift market.

A Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format originally launched by Sony in late 1998. The original memory sticks were tiny in capacity. Now it is almost impossible to find a 2 gig memory stick. Sizes of memory sticks or usbs start for 4 gig. The most popular sizes are 8 gig and 16 gig usbs. To decide which usb or memory stick you want, think about what your clients would typically use it for. If it is for general us a 16 gig will work well.  If it is for technical drawings look at 16 gig or 32 gig. While the larger sizes have a higher price, people will use the bigger sizes more frequently.

Custom Manufactured USBs

Bring Your Custom Shaped USB Drive to Life It’s your imagination paired with our design expertise and technology. There really is no limit to the kinds of Custom Shaped USB Drives we can create for your business. From airplanes to candy bars, we’ve produced some of the most unique USB drives on the market. Minimum order 250 units Lead time 12 to 15 working days.

Bamboo Flash Drive

The bamboo usb flash drive is a great option for those looking for a more eco friendly alternative. The housing is made from bamboo which is a highly sustainable and replenishable product. Bamboo is fast becoming the most eco friendly material available. 8 gig

Swivel USB

With this unique design you will never again have to worry about losing the lid of your flash drive. The metal bezel simply swivels over the head of the usb to protect it. This usb is one of our most cost effective and popular models. Swivel bodies are available in the following colours Blue, black, red, pink , white, purple , orange, yellow 4 gig, 8 gig, 16 gig, 32 gig

Credit Card Style USB

Print both sides of this credit card shaped usb flash drive in full colour according to your requirements. Great for customers to store in their wallets and always have a usb flash drive available. 4 gig , 8 gig, 16 gig,.

White Plastic USB

LThis white slimline usb flash drive will make any company logo stand out with its stylish and practical design. 4 gig, 8 gig, 16 gig

Golden Bar USB

Impress your clients with this unique Gold Bar shaped usb flash drive, this model will definitely add a little bling to your brand.. 8 gig

Phone Stand USB.

How often have you wanted to watch something on your phone but it’s been awkward with your phone lying flat on your desk? This great new model is a cell phone stand, USB flash drive and stylus all in one. 8 Gig