Parker Pens

Parker Pens

With over a century of passion and experience, PARKER continues to build on its heritage and reputation by constantly reinvigorating and transforming the writing experience.

Parker Pens are known worldwide as high quality, reliable writing instruments.

From nib to barrel, the finished product is a beautiful balance of form and function that demonstrates PARKER’s commitment to outstanding craftsmanship.

We supply a wide variety of corporate gift Parker pens that we brand with your company logo. Parker pens are very popular as business gifts.

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Parker Logo

The History of the Royal Warrants and Parker Pens

A royal Warrant is a highly prized mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the household of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales.

Parker’s commitment to outstanding craftsmanship has earned two royal Warrants, a highly prized recognition for continued dedication to the highest standards of service and excellence.

The history of the royal warrant can be traced back to medieval times when the competition for royal favour was so intense that the monarch had the pick of the country’s best trade people. By the 15th Century. the Lord Chamberlain, head of the Royal Household formally appointed tradespeople with the Royal Warrant of Appointment, a practice that continues to this day.

In the 1th Century, Royal tradesmen began displaying the Royal Arms on their premises and stationary.

In 1840, the royal Warrant Holders Association was formed.

Parker is proud of its association with an service to the Royal Households and is committed to the highest standards of service and excellence.

Parker Jotter Pen Black

The Essential Parker Jotter 

The Jotter pen features Parker’s trademark arrow clip, an emblem of Parker’s rich history and heritage. The iconic shape of the stainless steel body and cap provides a touch of everyday elegance. And, the Jotter line comes in a variety of finishes to compliment your own unique style.

Jotter’s gel ink formula was designed to never skip or smudge, and dries quickly. That means your handwriting stays clean, and never skips. The Jotter allows you to have the ultimate fine writing experience.
Parker Jotter is the pen for the modern age, allowing writers to take time, organize thoughts and let their creativity flow.

Urban Muted Black Gold Parker Pen 2

Urban Parker Pen

With a bold and unique shape, the eye-catching Urban takes Parker into a dynamic new territory

Urban’s distinctive style and range of finishes make it the perfect compliment to personal style.

Quinkflow technlogy allows for smoother, cleaner ad more consistent writing performamce.


IM Pen

IM Parker Pen

Push button mechanism for a smooth, one-handed action, every detail is refined to deliver a writing experience that is always dependable

Focused on comfort and simple, high-performance functionality, its tapered contemporary shape teams up with the versatile appeal of metal to give instant modern style. Quinkflo technology allows for a smoother, cleaner and more consistent writing performamnce.


Engraved Parker pens have been used as gifts for years, and for a very good reason. Parker is a brand that is trusted and known worldwide and having your company logo engraved on a Parker pen, shows that your company values quality.  Belle Regalo is a premier supplier of branded Parker pens and bulk Parker pens in South Africa.

Over the past few years the Parker Pen company has grown into a range of executive writing instruments. With luxurious new finishes, the classic Jotters and IM’s have been given a make-over with the Premium ranges.

The Parker Jotter is an iconic pen known throughout the world. It is arguable the best known ballpoint pen. We have the classic Jotter pen available in the Colour style and the Stainless Steel style.

Our most popular Parker Pen is the IM. This pen is a beautiful, heavy metal pen with a wider barrel that is perfect for engraving with a logo. These pens are available in various different finishes, including stainless steel, gold and black laquer.