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Are you looking for truely South African caps?  Do you want to have something truly unique?

Chat to use about our custom cap creations.

Lead time is between 10 to 25 days depending on the style, volume and complexity of the order.


Custom Cap Process

1. Choose your style 2. Choose your colours 3. Choose your trimmings 4. Choose your branding type Minimum order 150 units

Choose your Style of Branding

PU Print

PU Print, is when your design is printed onto PU vinyl, then using heat it is pressed onto the headwear. If your artwork is highly detailed and has small text, with a lot of colours, this is your best option. Not only is it cost-effective & durable, but it also provides an accurate, smooth finish, and allows us to place it anywhere on the headwear. It is such a versatile method of branding, that allows us to use your artwork on entire panels of the headwear, or it can be used for small prints to give the look of a badge on a cap. An alternative to PU Print is Screen Printing

Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery is the most popular type of branding for headwear. It entails stitching your logo, or design, onto the headwear. With the high-thread count being used, you’re left with a smooth and detailed finish, as well as a vast number of colour variations. This allows for most logos, or designs to easily be translated on to various different surfaces..

3 D Embroidery

3D Embroidery, is a variation of the stitching technique mentioned above. However, in this case, a piece of foam is based under the top stitch, to raise the embroidered design, providing a three-dimensional look to the design. The result is a premium finish, with a smoother and precise finish, while adding an extra “pop” to your design..

Dome Markers

Dome markers are another option that provide a three-dimensional appearance to your design. They have a thick, dome-shaped, clear coating that is durable, permanent and doesn’t show wear. A dome marker, is a printed, pressure sensitive label made from polyurethane, which allows it to heal minor scratches or cuts, and make your design to consistently look new.