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A trip on the Gautrain provides terrific ideas for corporate gifting for clients and staff who regularl travellers on the Gautrain


A lanyard with access control card is a super way to protect your Gautrain card. A friend of mine recently found a prepaid card lying on the ground that had over R 1 000.00 Gautrain credit on it and prepaid cards, can’t be traced to their owners, so that was a big loss for someone. While a card can easily be dropped without realising it, a lanyard with card holder will make a noise as it falls alerting the commuter that they have dropped something. d.

Apex Laptop Backpack

Backpacks are also a practical gift. Many executives are also travelling via Gautrain for the convenience factor and they often have laptops with them. Backpacks have a highly visible branding surface. A number of commuters have branded conference bags with them, as well as lunch bags. .

Combination Lock

A combination lock is also a practical gift, as there are many people standing on the train as well and with big crowds, pickpockets have an opportunity for bags that are not properly secured. I have known of a couple of people who have not zipped bags properly and had cell phones and other small items slipped out of a bag. Keys can also easily be lost, so combination locks are ideal, as long as your memory is intact.

Fabrizio Business Card Holder

On slightly longer trips and on the bus, networking actually happens as well. If you educate your staff that everyone can ambassador for the company and make contacts, we could have a thriving Gautrain network of business.


While the Gautrain does offer bus services on several routes, commuters still have to walk to their office. On my trip luckily this was a very short distance, but certainly far enough to get a good soaking on a downpour..

Softshell Jackets

Gautrain stations and bus stops offer little shelter and early in the morning, it can be very cold.  Promotional jackets are always excellent choices for any event,  but when having to stand outside in the cold waiting for the train, a bus or a taxi, there are well appreciated promotional items.

Omega Wired Headphones

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Gifts for Gautrain Commuters blog

As a corporate gifting specialist, I always look for ways that corporate gifts can be aligned with everyday life and experiences and my Gautrain trip provided a number of opportunities for gifting.

As I am not a regular commuter, I got a pre-paid ticket, which I loaded with funds to get my train and bus trips. Gautrain card looks just like a credit card and you simply touch it to a scanner that automatically deducts the funds.