Want to Give a Good Gift? Think Past the “Big Wow”

Gift Wrapping

In a study by Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, gift givers tend to focus on the moment of exchange when selecting a gift, whereas gift recipients are more focused on the long-term utility or practical attributes of the gift.

In the findings,the giver wants to ‘wow’ the recipient and give a gift that can be enjoyed immediately, in the moment, while the recipient is more interested in a gift that provides value over time.”

Recently I was at an awards evening for a leading Appliance store. Each delegate got a set of large steak knives in a box with a plaque.  As a corporate gifting specialist, this is not a gift that is high on my radar. Except for the novelty of being large and well presented, there was no initial appeal. But I have to
admit, it is the best gift that I have gotten in a long time.

It just so happens that my current steak knives have to be replaced. But the forks that I have are still in good condition. The new steak knives perfectly match my set and best of all my smaller children love tackling their meals with these large knives. My son in particular loves to saw off the kernels from mielies and the large handle is a comfortable grip for him.

So while I tend to pack away a large number of corporate gifts for future use, I use these new knives every week. In addition over the festive period, when we have guests, having enough cutlery in the same style is usually a challenge, so I will be getting an extra set for myself.

What is your most practical gift received?

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Torledo Steak Knives

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